About Me

About Me Rara Valdez


My works have been vastly wide in variety:

+ Graphic Arts include photo manipulation, vectorization, web graphics, branding, etc.

+ Prints include calling cards, posters, greeting cards, event invitations, etc.

+ Animation include motion graphics, video editing, slideshow animation, etc.

+ Character Designs include mascots, game characters, personal cartoonization, etc.

+ Game Development include game concepts, game assets, level design, tester etc.



+ I am self-taught in both Graphic Design and Animation. I have been doing freelancing since 2010.

+ I love Pixel Art, Retro Cartoon Art, Chibi Anime Art Styles.

+ An Avid Dog Lover; A self-proclaimed dog-whisperer.

+ I am a bookworm, gamer, and DIY crafter.

+ I used to be a Senior High School Animation teacher.

+ At some point, I was very active in going around the country to give out some latest tech trends talks and workshops.

+ I was the lead for the Google Women Techmakers in our region and a Google Developers Group volunteer.

+ I know a bit of coding – I have made a couple of games using Java, Python, and C#. Though I could NOT declare myself as an expert but I am at a level wherein I can teach the basics in a beginner workshop.

+ I love to learn new stuff. I constantly experiment on art, never being content on my present self.

+ I studied Language and Literature. I loved applying what I just learnt in linguistics that I started to analyze the structure of different languages. My brothers were already programmers before, and I was like, “Computer Programming is a “Language” right?” And that is how I started to learn to code.


Download My Resume & Portfolio here.


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