Quiz on RA 7942

1. What is RA 7942?
Answer: An Act Institutinga new system of mineral resources,exploration,development,utilization and conservation
2.Gave (3) examples of websites about RA 7942.
3.What are the authorities/responsibilities of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) of the DENR?
Answers:*Management and administration of mineral lands and resources,including the granting of mining permits and mineral agreements
*Enforcement and monitoring of Environmental Work Programs (EWP) and Environmental Protection and Enhancement Program (EPEP)
4.Who heads the Bureau of MGB-Baguio City and CAR?
Answer: Engr.Felizardo “Zards” Gacad Jr
5.Gave the Governing Principles (DENR Administrative Order No.96-40) Explain.
Answer:Adherance to the principle of SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT

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