Business – European wine-making tradition in Benguet –

On the occasion of La Trinidad’s Strawberry Festivals 2011,I find time yesterday, April 1 (April fool’s Day) to visit the area and look for souvenirs on the occasion of their Strawberry Festivities.My feet brought me to the stall of a German National and former Croatian native, Zelimir Strugar and his Filipina wife Joni Balao.I bought one bottle of EDELBRAND Swedish Bitters and another bottle of EDELBRAND Strawberry in their stall, and true to its warning “Herbal Tincture-Read instruction mindfully” and the other bottle “Regular intake of any drug will destroy You,Your relations and therefore… Your Life” hmmm with this warning in the two bottles, do I have to compel myself to drink this distilled spirited wines or I just let my SLUNHS Batch ’77 drink these two bottles on our re-union on Sunday with Choie Boado-Padilla and Rene Padilla, who came home in Agoo,La Union Philippines after 7 years of migrating in Canada.

On this occasion in Rose Garden,I got to meet the manufacturer of EDELBRAND -La Trinidad,Benguet,Philippines


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